So, the writer in me has something new going on. Apparently, breathing comes as naturally lately as writing does. Literally.
I've found that writing is actually the key for me to keep my mind straight, be it a list, a blog post, a chapter or drawing for one of the 15 books I'm working on.
By the way- by 15, I am not exaggerating. Definitely not by any means exaggerating. In fact, I've cut back on   quite a few novels and have narrowed everything down to 15. I figure by the end of 2014 I COULD be done, IF I get an agent or a publisher interested in (at least) the trilogy I'm writing.
I guess you can say that writing has become a bigger part of me than I thought would be possible.

I guess, with my schedule and everything coming up, it should be expected that I am a little more stressed than usual...because usually, I'm not stressed at all.
Usually, I leave everything up to the universe and it all works out for me in the end...but yes, anxiety has set in for me at the age of 30.

There is so much to look forward to, that I know my to-do list, as short (compared to what's going on) as it can be will collect dust anyway.

So here are a teeny list of my goals for this summer:

  • visit some museums i've not been to, and write/blog about them
  • figure out places i've been to i haven't blogged about.
  • blog about the books i've read this year, which will be no easy feat.
  • maybe knock some items off my bucket list
  • get just a smidge more organized!
what are your goals for this summer?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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