i have a problem!

i have a problem.
now, i'm sure i've mentioned this problem before and am totally aware other people have the same problem, which is why i feel safe sharing it with the bloggie-world.

my problem is: lists.

as a writer, my list-problem is heightened by a sense of urgency and constant ideas.
as a writer, the storing of journals and notebooks [and more] for said lists and ideas is out of control!

when i was a teenager, i thought i was the only one with this issue. eventually, i met a friend who had a similar issue- i was extremely thankful for this. however, where my lists were mostly idea-related, hers were always material-related.

who am i to judge? i have my own problems here!

catapulting through college literally, would not have been made possibly with out my endless lists built into my planners. each item was a different color relating to a different field. i would cross them out with one single line when each item was complete.

it scared my colleagues. it scared my supervisors- to one of them in particular which i say, HAHA!
but i was lucky, because i loved them, and they still thought i was amusing, so...

by the time the whirlwind of my roaring 20s began, there was more than one notebook, list and planner. i consolidated everything into one and tried to pass on the idea to my nearest and dearest as i found that i never lost a thing! i would write and write, tape in important information into these notebooks and agendas and all was well with my crazy world.

i guess my problem is that it continues to grow and sprout ideas- so i hope, at the very least, that this problem is anything but! let your freak flag fly :)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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