(photo shot by me, long island, 2012)

this morning, i woke up to write a few notes and found that i couldn't. there has been so much going on that the only thing that gets to go down on paper is to-do list items and ideas for various manuscripts.

not that i'm complaining.

in a little over a month, my first "any kind" of book will be released in bookstores. Images of America: Greeks in Queens was a brain child born to honor my Grandparents and those who have gone before us who were brave enough to step into a whole new world.

Not a lot of us are so brave, and I am super lucky to be born to such a rich background, heritage, family.

That being said, have I mentioned that it's on pre-order and already killin'? Woo hoo!

Here's the amazon linky, and the Barnes and Noble linky.

Me being insanely happy? Check. Celebrations with amazing people? Check! Other opportunities abundant? Check check!

But mostly, just being happy to be alive works for me.

Hope you enjoy the rest of your summers!!!

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