i'm weird.

it's true. not like this should be a shocker to most of you that read my blog, but i am so weird.
for example, the list of things that i want to do with the next 15 years of my life should mind-boggle most 30 year olds...50 year olds...boggles my mother's mind, that's for sure.

so, knowing all these years that i am weird and dealing with bullying at a young age kind of got me to where i am today. and i'm thankful. where am i today? ha, good question.
home. enjoying the weather. watching my puppy stare at me while i write and create more lists and read more books.
about to step out to the library and possibly on a photo hunt.
making all my dreams come true at a rate i never thought possible?

that's where i am today.

by now you know that i'm very secretive/protective of my life and that of my friends and family's.
i know that there are know it all's out there. i am not one of them. people only tell you what they want to tell you- it's the way of the world. i can't judge- though i used to. that made it easy for people to bully me through manipulative ways.

those people aren't in my life anymore.

many of you probably think that i stick to a strict schedule of writing and reading. for the most part, i try to. the winter are my busiest working months, and by the time summer rolls around i am swimming in new material for new stories and scrapbooks...and to do lists.

being completely content with my life astounds most people around me. it always has. i used to care- time having gone by has allowed me to not care and chase some more dreams down.

have i changed? i like to think that i haven't. i believe that people grow up but that their cores are unchanging.
 so if i've been M.I.A, it's because i'm busy doing summer things so i can complete these to-do list demands of mine before i continue on this crazy whirlwind i call life.

and i hope your summer is going well, too!


see you in a few weeks!
~the globetrotting gamine

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