the pickled pig

going on a road trip can be bad for two reasons:
the fattening and AMAZING food you're going to eat...
and the fact that you know you have to detox when you get home.

though, it is all worth it.
it really, truly is.

we had a recommendation 
to head on over to 'the pickled pig pub'.

with a name like that, how can you NOT go?

2 words:

oh my word.
i am thinking they were beer-battered, though it mattered not
these were so good it was quite ridiculous
and inspired me to do the same
one day at home
for my dinner menu.

we were delighted about the lunch-fare as well.
(i had the warm pretzel turkey sandwich-
another cool thing to make!)
all in all-
i so recommend this place.

and will dream about it often.

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