road trip 2012: wine

take it from me,
one can get pretty tired of visiting vineyards and breweries...


a few more fun things that happened
during road trip 2012, 
are as follows:
i learned i want a few of these ^
in the cellar 
of my dream house.

and i want to learn
how to make wine
and beer.

i learned that
we loved
nassau valley vineyards, 
everything about it was coooooool...
especially the puppy named Choley!

such a ham :)
but her Mama wouldn't let us take her home.
i have my own pup, so- understood!

another fun stop on our wine and ale trail-

oh my word.
i think we fell in love with fenwick's...
and every kind of tasting we did...
we wanted to take everything home, 
especially this green wine.


the globetrotting gamine loves you :)

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