on the edge?

there are so many things i'd like to say that i hardly know where to begin- did you ever feel that way?

i am hopefully a couple of months away from my huge announcement- that in which if you know me, y'all ready know so please relax.

i've been reflecting a lot upon my life and others' during this time. i have seen a lot of situations from different angles and quite a bit more clearly-- i totally understand what was going on with the universe now, even though i had no idea then. maybe i should break it down...

  1. Friends- the who's who. It turns out that you really do, in the depths of your soul, always know who your true friends are-- and if your soul is telling you to run from someone, just run. you don't owe anyone explanations to make your life amazing!
  2. People- no matter what their age, profession, gender, when they feel somehow threatened/intimidated by you--that's THEIR problem. Not yours. Your just the person they can't stand because of their own insecurities. Let them be, they'll never improve you.
  3. Speaking of improving you-- did you ever clear out the clutter from your home, thus from your mind? Did you ever try organizing? Did you consult me about that? Why the hell not? Do it-- you'll feel so much better.
  4. Those who don't listen the first seven times won't listen at all. Let it go. Their karma, not yours.
  5. Keep doing what you love...and be happy.
lotsa love, and happy Monday...

Globetrotting Gamine
signing off ;)

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