(shot in kalamata, 2008)

i have to admit, for the last two weeks i've been super-stressed and grumpy.
of course, it's all for a good reason and a good cause- my 'mission' is almost complete!
or will be complete on Friday.

thank goodness.

on monday, i'll admit to my bloggie friends what's been going on,
what's been crazy,
i'll be back to my regularly 'scheduled' programming,
which is comforting though it usually takes on a life of it's own.

i am ready to start quite a few new adventures,
that wouldn't have been made possible without
my incredible family and friends,
the LML,
and freaking awesome people.

it has been totally worth it.

that being said...
dear springtime,
where are you? i'm ready.

let's gooooo!

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