upon completion

shot by me- long island 2008-2009

isn't it funny how life pans out everything for you when you least expect it?
over the years, i have found that while to do lists are awesome and help keep everything in check (ah- checks! love checking off things on to do lists) that there's a lot of unplanned stuff that can happen at a moment's notice.

i still blame the to do list. it's like this: you write down a great idea, and 1000 ideas later you bounce back to the first one and put everything into action. pretty soon, you realize that you've bitten off more than you can chew.

what i'm trying to say is: this past month, i've learned how to chew pretty fast and i am one week to the completion of my project.

it's a little frustrating. i hope i say all i want to say, do all i want to do, and i hope it comes out beautifully.

i have noticed the people willing to help, and those who weren't- and it's sad to say that i knew who was who. and i love them all the better for it, because at least THAT went according to plan.

that being said, i am not quite sure what else 2012 is going to throw at me...or more so- what i'll be throwing out at it...
but it's going to be

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