simply happy.

hi bloggie friends!

how are you? i hope all is well in your worlds. right now, the clock is ticking for me to do some last minute EVERYTHING before easter time. a few months ago, i had no idea how busy my life would be though i wanted it to be.

i am so happy that a lot of you who know of my project(s) have e-mailed me to wish me well. i need it! my to do lists have had babies. i don't know what they've named them...as of yet. (this is me being silly on only one cup of coffee today.)

teeny to do list for this...month?:
  1. find someone to help me redesign this website...if you know someone, please pass them along to me :)
  2. fix my master-to do list
  3. send one of my projects on their merry way
  4. start researching for the next big milestone in my life
  5. plan plan plan
  6. work on resume, because it needs a total revamping
  7. mark dates of events coming up on a calendar- i have been really bad about this and i don't mean to be
  8. buy mousse for my unruly hair-- feel free to send me the name of a great one!
  9. use old papers for scrap paper- something i've been doing for the last 4 years and you should, too! especially if you're into lists like me!
  10. learn to make a new dish...my cooking has been amazing lately. yes. i am tooting my own horn. toot.
  11. blog more. i've been lagging. the photos sitting pretty on discs will not be pleased about this. (this goes hand in hand with the new website idea- maybe i'm holding out?)
if you want me to add anything to my list, life, to photograph for your amusement, let me know! until then...happy weekend [even though it's thursday!]

also, if anyone is willing to do an agenda book giveaway- please just send one to me. i need it. lol

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