i understand

my beautiful Aunt pointed out yesterday...
that i have artist's block.

she's right, though i feel as if the term
is a complete understatement!

here i am with boxes and boxes
(not kidding)
of stuff i want to do
or have to do
and the mojo to do it
is nowhere to be found.

i should locate the book she recommended
and see if it helps...
but then it would be another item
on an ever growing to do list.

i've read about 3.5 books in the last few days...
which should have cleared my mind somehow
but it really didn't...and i spent the rest of the day
booking appointments and scheduling my dvr
for this crazy schedule i've got going on.

so today is all about gathering everything up
and executing as many of the tasks on my list as possible
before a beautiful weekend spent with LML...
and so that Monday...

I can get back to (you ready for this?):

  • writing my screenplay
  • working on my new y.a. novel
  • maybe some illustrations for my next book
  • queries
  • travel plans
  • library runs
  • gym runs
  • or just running in place?
  • clearing out more clutter
  • clearing out the basement
  • thank you's to well...you'll find out
  • and marketing

i guess that explains the block ;)

Happy Weekend, lovely friends!

love love love,
the Globetrotting Gamine

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