the procrastinating queen

i have come to the conclusion
that i am the queen
of procrastinators.

i have not even closed to PARTIALLY
(does that make sense?)
getting over this writers block.

can someone who is so into
organizing and listmaking
also be such

though- i am a lucky, lucky girl.
the other night, i thought to myself how
absolutely thankful i am
for my family, friends, puppy...
incredible husband...
book about to be published...
ability to cook (yay!)...
having travelled to 25+ countries...

yeah, if things were anymore perfect
people would throw rocks at me...
which is mean to say, but i know that's how they feel
from their words or lack there of.

it's sad since i'd like nothing but the best for everyone
in everything...
i literally can spend all day researching, writing, etc.
which is  very fitting about this new-ish career choice of writing.

thus the procrastinating schtick that has moved in to my brain
is not helping anything...

so pray that my muses come back
to kick me in the tush
so i can get a move on
on my next books!!

visiting my shop here...

and my facebook page for 'Greeks in Queens' here...

and thank you for all of your support...texts...e-mails...words...everything!!

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