You've been bamboozled.
Rick Rolled.

Whatever that means.

But that is how I feel.

Yes. I am super-list girl. I can organize ANYTHING.

Anything: the mundane like, breakfast, lunch and dinner. (not that food is a mundane thing to ME...I am a foodie, after all!)

Wardrobes, travel plans, appointments, assignments...I've been around and SO in the NOT so sexy way. LOL

I've planned my wedding, showers for friends, parties, homes. I've even redecorated a few out of dire necessity and have photographic proof.

But today (though yes, I did have a lot going on) I feel as if I CAN'T ORGANIZE MY OWN THOUGHTS!

i mean, seriously. what's going on? i've made list after list. i have a huge idea of what i need and have to do.
i can't bring myself to do anything more than what i need to do (like the dishes. the floors. the bathroom. golly.)

in my 30 years, i have learned that there are things in life that i don't want to live without. like love, hugs, snuggles...family, puppy, LML, friends...and a dishwasher. a maid service. a magic wand?

oh...various publishers.

really, there's enough for another list.

so as i sit here researching for my next few books/stories/novels, i wonder...

do other creatives/writers get into this mood?

and don't lie to me. i hate that. :)

love love love
the globetrotting gamine

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  1. Sweetie, it's called a block. You need to read The Artist's Way!


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