Globetrotting Gamine Published!

Alright, so I'm not there right now, but close enough...
Sometimes I think that it's scary how life/things turn out-
for me- things have blown so far past perfect
i can't even see perfect in the rearview mirror anymore.

aside from the way my hair looks today
(cue: medusa)
i am so grateful for my Mommy- who's a lot of fun and actually funny :) She makes me happy.

The surprise phone call from LML? So, so grateful/thankful/excited for that...and the fact that though he drove me crazy re: a certain topic this weekend, that YES- he's right and I should construct that...e-mail/idea/article ASAP.

so what's going on today is a lot of preparation for the coming months. this blog will probably be even more loopier than it ever has been- between food, wine, beer, travel, friends, events, books...

so the popular consensus out on my blog is to KEEP IT THE WAY IT IS...with just a few tweaks.

i so appreciate all of your help, support, and love, e-mails and texts...
i do read them all and love you guys :)

so keep an ear/eye/something out on what i'm doing here

and stay healthy and happy!!

Globetrotting Gamine

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