why blog?

why blog?

what's the point really, you think to yourself as you begin to type. is anyone going to read it?
will people enjoy it?
am i going to sell my soul to get more followers?

the truth is, even when i first started blogging
(was it august 2009 or 2010? who knows...)
i wanted to do it for me, not for the fame.

my reasons were this:
  • crazy turmoil from circumstances that couldn't be helped at the time (and now i am so thankful for!)
  • the inane urge to document everything- which i'd been doing in journals for years
  • finally making contact with people who were more like me- something i'd never experienced til that fateful day
  • writing- it was always in my blood, and blogging got the juices flowing. it was the clearest time of the day when i was writing.
now i wonder-
who blogs other than creative types like me?
is blogging more influential for people to receive job offers and opportunities?
(it works for some people, truth be told--i am one of them but not to the
extent of others opportunities...it's still amazing!)

my entire life literally changed for the better
upon having a blog.
i have met so many amazing people,
been given so many opportunities...
but even more so, the insights i actually gave myself
have been invaluable.

what a crazy world we live in
when your craft
can transform your life
and fill it with magic.

will i ever rename, change,
give up on this blog?

it's an extension of me.
professional, unprofessional,
way too complicated,
not caring if people like it or me or not...
too many pictures, ideas, memories?

i blog for me.

why would i change myself?
or my blog, for that matter ;)

hope y'all feel the same about your own blogging/writing experiences!

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