going the extra mile

i have been in meetings and appointments all week.
it's looking like my schedule won't slow down for quite a while,
but i am exhausted and happy.

there is so much that i have to do,
before celebrating events with my friends-
and before planning so many more events
that it's really just exhausting to think about.

on a happy note-
this weather has been amazing, and has been keeping me out and about.
have you guys done anything out of the ordinary or interesting?

oh yeah--
i have! i have! lol...

and of course, it involves food--
and, of course-
there are no pictures...
because we "eated it".

we went to a place on my bucket list of restaurants-
called waterzooi.

i was so excited--
so LML and I get there with some friends, get seated immediately...
and probably scared our poor waitress with the amount of food and drinks we ordered--
and honestly, we did go overboard but it was worth it.

what do i describe as overboard?
well, we were all getting a little warm- it was warm in there until we believe they turned on the air
(probably because of us heathen)
and before that half of us took turns going outside
to get air...

so we've decided...
we love you waterzooi-
but next time, we're just enjoying your incredible beer selections!!

love love love

so keep dreaming,
and i'll see you around, bloggie friends...
probably at a coffee shop,
with a notebook, and my medusa- like hair sans snakes.

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