the little soap shop

since i was born, i knew that my family was awesome...
that my life would be awesome because of them.

so my life kept bringing in the awesome and weeding out the nasties...
much like knowledge and information and everything organic does
for ourselves, our psyches, everything.

enter, the little soap shop.
um, hello?
flippin' awesome.

you can see the linky at the side
of my page
to the right.

the store's owner and creator of all organic soaps and such,
is magic in and of herself
and as surely as i knew about my writing from very young,
she knew that she also had a craft--
which clearly shows
in her Practical Magic-y shop.

love love love!

needless to say,
i shopped.
for now--
because LML snatched up the goodies
and firmly stated
that it belonged to him.

her products do wonders for the body
and smell so,
so good.
and it's good for you!!

so click the link,
and happy shopping!!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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