dear honduras

Honduras Checklist:
  • sight-see
  • take pictures
  • go to the best beach
  • talk to the locals to find out where to go for lunch
  • go to lunch and eat something new and crazy
  • so there we were: roatan, honduras. we were on an adventure, exploring everything we possibly could and having so much fun...
then we had to battle itty bitty sand flies on the beach so i wrapped myself up like a mummy while LML sought solace in the sea.

of course, we find out that the locals swore by this place, so we chose to have a yummy lunch of:
local beer (holy moly, that beer pictured below is awesome)
and iguana.

yes, iguana. 

pictures below of our meal with a friend...

though it sounds creepy and weird...
it really wasn't- it was quite good.

this deters a little from our nightly vegetarian feasts we usually prepare back home
but everyone needs to come out of their comfort zone somehow and
we are so glad we did.

here's to good food and good friends ;)

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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