the eliot hotel

first off,
let me say that the eliot hotel in boston
is awesome like you have no idea.
this is what the room my girlfriends and i stayed in...

we learned a few things about each other when we were there:
  • vegging out in front of the tv with a glass of wine is as much fun as going out for thai food
  • that we can laugh and have fun...and not scare each other silly
  • that i sleep with a pillow on top of my body when I am NOT with LML or my puppy.
  • that one of us walks into walls
  • and one of us needs to have the bed fixed at all times.
  • we're clean freaks
  • we like going to sleep at a reasonable hour.
  • food, wine, exploring, photography? check check, check check.
i love them so <3

big love to my friends and the crew at the eliot hotel. you guys are "da bomb". hee hee


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