on the menu: tabouleh

i know very well what couscous is...yet that's what i tend to call tabouleh.
don't know why- must be the greek in me that renames everything...

you know...we call dunkin' donuts 'dunkie'...

so my first attempt at tabouleh wasn't so bad!

i know i have some tweaks to make
i think the majority of people use an apple cider vinegar (just a smidge)
and don't tell anyone about it!

i used...
lots of parsley as finely chopped as i could get it (without a processor)
lemon juice
onions (shoulda been red onions- don't skimp on this!)
finely chopped tomatoes.. non-squishy ones...

yum yum for the summertime tummy

please send me co...tabouleh tips!


  1. I believe tabbouleh is made with bulgur wheat in a similar style to couscous. When's our coffee date??

  2. ^ I was also going to suggest using buckwheat groats. Simple to make too. It's how I've always made it.
    Lots of lemon too :)


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