babaganoush recipe!

when i went to the farmer's market last week,
i don't know what possessed me to buy only one eggplant.

when i came home, i kicked myself because i have a million eggplant recipes
floating around my head
that i can use at the drop of a hat...

so i grabbed it and figured: let me make something new!

i researched and found...babaganoush!

so i sliced the baby in half, and put it skin-side up
on my greased baking pan with some cloves of garlic
and onions...

for about 45 minutes at 450 degrees until all was really mushy...
i added it to the eggplant meat to the blender
with some cayenne pepper, salt, a little extra virgin olive oil
and very finely chopped parsley...

and blended til mushy!

of course, you can add tahini,
but i was clean out.

and add lemon juice to taste...

extra yum factor!

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

*tips on babaganoush are welcome...and thank you so much for your sweet e-mails!

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