sick, sad world: board of education edition

gripes i have:

  • i get a job as a school counselor at the nydoe and the principal threatens my tenure and job about 10 months after he hired me.
  • constant harassment that no one calls him on because everyone was "afraid" of him.
  • the reason he wanted me gone? i quote: "you're a good guidance counselor, but i want you gone. if you go now, i'll give you a good recommendation."
  • the fact that there was no reason i was fired? oh yeah-
  • and the fact that the form i was "discontinued" with clearly stated at the top: NOT FOR GUIDANCE COUNSELORS
let's continue:

  • my " hearing " takes place on november 12, 2008 at 65 court street.
  • principal does not show
  • principal calls in late
  • case is NOT thrown out- conspiracy theory? wait- it gets better...
  • the superintendent's/principals representative at the hearing states repeatedly for principal to STOP TALKING!!
  • don't worry- everything is on tape, recorded.
  • i order the tape BEFORE i LEAVE 65 court street.
UFT and DOE tells me:
  • Once I receive the results, I can take it to court.
  • December January February, etc...go by. No results. NONE.
  • over TWO YEARS later, my lawyer FINALLY REACHES them!!
  • the case stands.
isn't that weird?  it gets EVEN BETTER!


Really, DOE? You have the children's educations at heart?

Why don't all staff undergo mandated counseling before they are hired- ESPECIALLY PRINCIPALS AND SUPERINTENDENTS?!!

or maybe, you can answer me why i still don't have the tape that i could have proceeded to a court of law with?

maybe you can tell me why i had to get my LAWYER to actually receive the results, 3 years later?

has this happened to anyone else? i'd like to start a club.

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