my dream house...

i have a problem. i can't for the life of me imagine what my dream house would look like...

(taken from here)
victorian? yes, i love this one.

(taken from here)

villa in tuscany? yes, i love this, too.
(taken from here)

log cabin in the woods? Sigh.

then there's the matter of the property size itself...

of course, my library:

then, the kitchen

our backyard:

mmm- bedroom:

living room:
Amazing Luxury Living Room Design

Great Luxury Interior Design, Luxury Hanging Lamp, Luxury Staircase

Luxury Bathroom Design
(these taken from here)

ah, yes. just those alone would give me a lifetime of work to do.

bring it on.

what would your dream house look like?

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  1. I happen to LOVE that Victorian house... it's so beautiful. I'm sure the inside is flooded with character.


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