a few days ago...

i began a campaign based on this post...

i have heard many wonderful things happening for the people who place campaigns on indiegogo.com. i need help, too!

the $5000 goal that i'd like to reach is going to be split between me and a local animal shelter that i will have on board come Monday. I will donate $2500 to them, and another shelter.

the $2500 i will be keeping will be split up as follows:

scanner/printer/ink: approximately $200 (let us pray)

marketing products for my books: approximately $50 (here's hoping)

cooking class: approximately $150-200...to help out LML and my doggie, and most of all, myself.

 writing class: approximately $150-200...to help me get out and about

graphic design class: approximately $150-300 because i really want to learn cool things

price of printing out books: approximately 950

vacation to long island to get ideas/my thoughts together: $200

iPad--  a whopping $600

that's approximately $2500 give or take.

obviously, me marketing (advertising) is going to drive me bananas. i am open to anyone helping me out if they want to donate used materials, a free class, advertising opportunity, etc. please, please help in anyway you can <3

i am also willing to blog about everything going on with my books from here on out and give a play by play about what's going on.

this week i am doing what i can to raise money within my online community...and wouldn't you know it...it's the day my printer ran out of ink.


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