wishing "well"

 i've found that this past week has been a week of wishes.
wishing that the cold weather would finally bid adieu to new york.
wishing that my tiny nephew's upcoming birthday is sweeter than sweet.
wishing that i had powers like Samantha on Bewitched, and all the sisters from Charmed, and all the ones from 'The Good Witch', too!

here is what's been going on in the Globetrotting Gamine's world...let's start with...

friends and family- as usual, they are freaking amazing and i am extremely blessed.
books/ideas- over flowing...i have never written so much in all my life.
and menu's galore:

which i can't upload now because my computer is being wonky.

speaking of wonky: have you noticed that there is a lot more wonky people out there than usual? probably people you know or have heard of are popping up crazy.

can we gather them up and move them far, far away?

what else is new? so much...
i can't reveal all plans now, but life is good.

how was your weekend?
anyone have tips on how to stay sane?

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