night of the supermoon

i hope yours is going much better than mine is. i feel cold, and i am extremely irritable..i kind of want to rip the face off LML but i'm sure he feels the same way.

i ran my errands this morning and couldn't seem to shake this feeling of crankiness. i figured it HAS to be a result of the supermoon, which is blinding me at this very minute. LML suggested i remove the alias from my book and put it under my name..so I did. Check me out here.

i figured there are things i need to get going; please be prepared because i believe this list is ridiculous:
  •  i need a scanner to help me with some of my book ideas
  • need to get the ball rolling with my GIVEAWAY
  • i'd like to interview inspiring people within the community
  • i need to get back to my freelancing position ;)
  • my blog? i need tabs, and maybe an interesting but clean backdrop. generally, blog help?!
  • i need a publisher to recognize i have so many book ideas i've never seen anywhere before that they should just sign me.
  • i need to take a cooking class, writing class, and i'd like to go into graphic design.
  • oh yeah, #1- finish and self publish all children's stories- and fictional stories *this should take about a year or longer by myself*
  • i need a vacation to get this all done.
  • perhaps an IPad i can take wherever i need to/have to go.
  • i need to market or somehow publicize my books... check them out (and follow!) here and here.
oh, but my happiest news?!

I LOVE THEM and their stuff <3 please check out their links to the right...i am hoping to include a few giveaways with them soon once i get the above list done!

anyone know a way to help me? you lovely bloggers have much more expertise in this stuff than i do <3


  1. Hello, thanks for stopping by & linking up to Meet & Follow Sunday! Have a great weekend :)

  2. Hey Christina,

    I can help with the tabs for your blog. Go to "Design" in the right-hand corner on the bar at the top of your blog. Click "Add a Gadget" and select "Link List". Now move that gadget's box to the heading section rather than the side bar.

    Next, for any tabs you wanna add, go to "Posting" and then "Edit Pages". A page is basically identical to a blog post, except it doesn't have a date stamp, so it looks much neater as a tab. Create a new page such as "Contact Us" or "About" and then publish it. When you view the published page, copy the URL (the http:// web address for it). Go to your link list gadget and paste the URL as one of the links and voila, you've started your tabs.

    Let me know if you get stuck and I'll try to explain it better.



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