Greenport Menu: Noah's

This past weekend, I have to say that LML and I felt it would be perfect to escape. We like Valentine's Day but it was totally not the reason we ran away.

We visited Noah's for the first time since it's opened. It's always packed to the brim and we figured since everyone had already made reservations, let's pop in make some. The hostess told us we didn't need any.

We didn't know that later on after walking in, they would tell us that we needed one! But they were wonderful and understanding and let us dine with them.

I have to admit, I was uber-excited about the menu except for one thing- almost everything had cheese.

Cue the lactose intolerance.
I figured that I might as well indulge since it's my first time there.

We ordered...
anchovy crustini's *yum-ness*
scallops covered with gruyere (if memory serves me correctly) and champagne.

the anchovy crustini's (i mayhave improv-ed the name)  were AWESOME...
though I think the scallop small plate kept me up all night. It's sad because the food was GOOD!

i had the wild rice and mushroom risotto- which was the only thing on the menu without cheese.

LML had a kobe beef burger which he was expecting to be WOW-ness...except it was just plain kobe beef with no pop of flavor other than the fries on the plate.

all in all, we would return to noah's again.
and i would order items without cheese.

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

edited to add: i forgot to say that we ordered the cabernet sauvignon with dinner. i really should have purchased the bottle and finished it back at the homestead. mmmmmmm!


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