update to my january list

good afternoon, bloggie friends,

this new snow storm, i have to tell you, first did not find me so well. frustrated, i visited the dollar store and target in the snow to pick up the necessary supplies that would push me further towards cabin fever.

then, the snow storm shook my mind straight.
i had more time to accomplish everything on my january to do list!
this is an extremely good thing...i haven't checked my progress yet, so i decided to look over it with you.

now, i know #1 is far from done, but since i published three books this month, i am content :)
without further adieu...

 here's the list and my updates...

*edit and complete all stories and novels- working on the 2nd children's book illustrations.

*illustrate children's stories- almost there!

*clean out the house of negative stuff-  2 more items to get rid of and...done!

*clean out un-necessary clutter- i have yet to get under the beds (to my storage bins) but i have 5 more days! i may put up some books for sale and start an etsy shop! ideas?

*take all loose photos and put them in album- i have entered photos into 2 albums and i need more albums! i will hunt for them this weekend.

*complete all scrapbooks, unfinished or untouched- haven't gotten to this list item yet, but have organized scrapbook stuff into one drawer. it's ready to go!

*print out what needs to get printed out on this computer- all done!

*delete un-needed files from computer- all done!

*upload all photos into usb disc AND photo programs - i should be buying 2 more usb discs this weekend! (other than that, all three usb discs crammed with files!) hey, how do you store files? i would love to hear your ideas!

*select photos to be printed- one item done, and another set to be printed!

*get them printed (and repeat above)- ditto.

*finish reading all books left before i buy or pick up a new one- i am reading the books on my sidebar, and i have 27 books to read that i am quite excited about. i will be working on them this year. i have started with Helen Keller's The Story of My Life. i have always been fascinated with her and her Ms. Sullivan.

*call church to pick up clothes for donation- all done!
*go through and complete everything on my to-do list, which has come down considerably in the last two days. I am VERY excited about this.- now i accomplish a daily to do list and it works out so great! i have knocked so many items off of my 'master' to do list that this was the only solution

*send out those packages! - its too cold to be out for too long, but as soon as it gets warmer, i am on it!

*make those appointments (snow keeps stopping me from doing this)- still being stopped :/

*start book club- that's going to happen by february 1st!

*organize all files/bills - all done!

*make a list of places from here to long island i'd like to see- i have and i think i may have blogged it! if not, i will blog it soon!
*make my new years resolutions- ahhh that's going to be a long list! better get crackin' on it.

this is my first year experimenting with a monthly to do list. i quite like it!

please feel free to send me any organizational hints or motivations you may have- you guys are inspiring!

thank you for following my blog and keeping me and my progress in check <3

love me,
the globetrotting gamine
(who would rather be globetrotting like she was less than 2 months ago than be stuck in the snow)

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