productive day!

good news: i have been uber-productive today! i am so excited that i got everything i set out to do, done!

that's what a snow day (again!) is good for!

bad news: well, i can't tell you the bad news- but it's not mine! lol

this weekend will find me and LML snow-shoeing to get our errands done, since our predicted 8 inches last night turned into a magical 16-18 in new york city! do you believe this?

ick. slushy, soon to be dirty snow. it only stays pretty for so long.

today, i officially opened my etsy shop. it's not complete yet, but you'll notice a link on my sidebar to the left :)

i marked quite a few things off of my master to do list that i don't even have listed on my january list!

other than that- how are you guys doing? anything new?
i wish i had something more new to share with you.

i have been cooking the same old things :)
oh, yesterday morning i went out before the snow hit (but i think i told you guys that)
and i've been working on my other manuscripts/illustrations.


please share with me anything fun- y'all make me happy <3

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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