enhance your life- patio edition

things you should know:

i can't put patio furniture outside in my yard because 20 cats live there and LML is allergic to them.
i save articles of things i'm going to need, and figured it best to put them on my blog to purge paper.
i love design, anything that has to do with domestics: i'm addicted.

so how to make you patio a wow?

  1. create a spot for lounging...another for drinking...another for food/eating...

(my bestie has this down pat! she's quite awesome)

2. light up the area- solar lights, twinkle lights, battery powered lights, torches.

3. stay warm- break out that fire pit or energy lamp. also, the warm blankets just in case.

4. dress up the furniture with budget-friendly burlap. find cheap white pillowcases, and use for the backs of chairs. tie them with ribbon.

5. create a theme- menu, decor and music...i would do Moroccan first!

(i'm greek. we do the greek thing all  the time anyway :)

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