To Know Me...

"to know me is to love me"

we've all heard this saying..
repeatedly, in my case.

who really believes such a phrase?
(yes, yes. sociopaths. i know!)

i believe that if you know yourself
and you are happy in your own skin,
your own shoes,
that everything should fall into place.

for the most part, anyway.

there's people out there who believe
that to know them is to love them...
who don't understand that possibly,

a lot of people don't.
or won't.

maybe people like you because of somethings
and don't like you because of other circumstances...

it's about finding a happy medium
that makes you friends with someone...
respect and compassion
that makes you solidify that relationship for life.

the gives, the takes, respect, understanding...
the likes and dislikes, the fights and the laughter...

i have found that "to know me is to love me"
need not apply
because no one has to like you
or want to be around you...
and that is a big realization i've come to
this year.

i am happy
surrounded by beauty:
in my family,
in my soulmate,
in my friends
and my puppy.

my writing, my thoughts,
my hobbies and passions...
our plans for the future,
and our plans for right now...

where i live,
where i'll go or not,
what i'll do or won't do...
during any season,
any year that i'll live...

it will all fall into place
because i am happy.

and that's all i've ever really wanted
for myself
and everyone around me.

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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