Target Optical Sucks!!

This is from my review on yelp!

On October 2nd, I bought my $300 Prada Eyeglasses to target Optical (since I've always sweared by target!) so I can get lenses. I was assured that my glasses would be back and ready in 7-10 days. On the 12th day (!) after three phone calls from me, they tell me that they tried to call me (somehow they had a different phone number on file than the one i had given them) to tell me that my frames are broken...WTF?! but my $170 dollar lenses were there. They told me that John, the regional manager would try to get me the same pair. I waited for THREE WEEKS, for them to tell me (after me calling everyday since I found out my glasses were broken) to give them a style number from Lens Crafters or Pearle Vision so that I can get some sort of restitution. I give them the style number last Monday, and on WEDNESDAY they tell me that I never gave them the style number and John is taking care of them!

On Friday, they hadnt heard from JOhn and they assured me they would call me. Yesterday, I was rudely told they were still working on it after a MONTH OF ME BEING OUT GLASSES AND $400!! and they hung up on me without saying goodbye.

WHAT SHOULD I DO??? i want my glasses!!

Really does anyone know what I should do??

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  1. Hey I am sorry about everything that happened with your eyewear. I did try contacting you on Monday 10/25 and on Friday 10/29 but never heard back. We do not carry prada but offered for you to pick anything in our store. when you said you wanted the same frame we did everything we could do to get it and when we could not we decided to go to another retailer to purchase it. Hopefully the complete refund and free pair of glasses makes up for your loss and loss of time. We honor ourselves in taking care of the guest and hopefully this does it!


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