friday thoughts

do you ever feel like everything is coming down on you all at once?
it doesn't even matter when it's going to happen- but when it does it's like the only person/people you can depend on can give two shakes of a rats tail about you.

and you know you're being unreasonable but you can't help it...you have nothing that you can offer in a conversation to someone who thinks they are above it all, or above you, or who won't listen anyway...

it seems to be the theme of this year. i started the year off with it, and i am ending the year with it.

that being said, I am not a miserable person. i like to be optimistic and see the glass half full so to speak.
i don't like to play games, and i especially don't like to be the one in the middle of someone else's game. i think more of myself and i expect more out of people. i like to be around people, and usualy when i don't have anything nice to say i don't say anything at all...

when people are scared, they tend to pick on you. YOU'RE crazy. YOU'RE miserable.
meanwhile and at least in my case: it's when you are at your happiest they begin this crap again.

what's the point, really? to see how far they can take you?
how much they can push your buttons?

how they can continue to hurt you in the future?

or it must be an astrological thing.

thankfully: i have had and will have time to think, and plan and go on the way i always have been. i don't care about the games, people can play them...and think what they think...and do what they do...

god's speed.

i am sorry to bore you lovely bloggie friends with my rant, but thank you for listening.
having a million and one things to complete today, i have gotten all that i have wanted to say pretty much off my chest.

the miracles of having a blog :)

much love to you all and have a beautiful weekend

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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