a happy tuesday

hello and welcome to all my new bloggie friends :)

how are you? how was your weekend? i hope you had a lot of fun!
we accomplished a lot of "fun-harvest" time activities this weekend,
and i always come back feeling insanely happy and refreshed.

the only thing that we have not done yet this month?
MOONLIGHT MAZE! HAYRIDES! and so much more...

this week season holds a lot of weight in my to-do list.
the amount of duties i have to complete is ridiculous!

as we speak, my puppy is at resort-family. i will go pick him up in a little while :)
and today...office time!

that means a lot of writing, organizing, idea-making...
which leads to list making...

and you know how i am with lists.

happily, i have 2 pen pals to write back to,
and some time to do online shopping.

LML and I celebrated our FIVE year [church]wedding anniversary this weekend...
five! time flies...
in december, it will be SIX YEARS MARRIED! eeps!

We are trying to plan a big sort of shi-bang...a quiet one just between us
which i can tell y'all about when it's over...

very exciting.

one of them includes buying new furniture...
but it's a long-term plan that makes us happy.

(that conversation probably began when we've realized that our necessary evils would be console tables...)
we have nowhere to put our feet or magazines when we're lounging on the couch!)

come to think of it- there's a lot of plans in the works...eeps!

well, off to list make, and attack my blog-n-tea time :)

what are you guys doing today?

love me,
the globetrotting gamine

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  1. I hate to-do lists, long and short! Happy Church Anniversary girl!


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