good morning :)

i hope you all had a beautiful weekend. there has been a lot of everything going on here this week!
thank you to all the new followers- i hope you get to laugh at my crazy life journey!

this week alone:
  • new phone
  • car in shop, still haven't been mobile
  • no gym, and feeling it!
  • nephews fun birthday party
  • cousins beautiful bridal shower
  • been writing again! added 20 pages to my manuscript...maybe more
  • been working on prof. portfolio-photography
  • LML's been gardening- revamped my Mom's house!
  • seen my Grandma :)
pictures of EVERYTHING tonight <3

have a beautiful tuesday!

PS- eatsgrass.blogspot.com is awesome!
and please check out Suburban Yogini. She is on my linky's.

More of that tonight as well!

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  1. Happy Tuesday!!!
    Hope the car gets fixed ASAP!!


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