where was the last place you had it?

you know, i really hate that question...you lose something and some numb nuts asks you...
well, where was the last place you had it?

if i knew, would i have lost it?

regardless of my brain status this morning, i thought i'd share something fun that popped up in my ticker tape of a mind last week...
i was making pasta:

and i realized i had these things:

brown sugar, vitamin e oil, and an empty tubby

so i made my brown sugar scrub and it was amaaaazzziiiinnng!!!

so try it when you can!


  1. Quite. If I knew the last place I had it, I wouldn't have lost it....

  2. You should check out Liz's sugar scrubs!


    they're amazing! I'm going to be making some gift baskets in the next few weeks and Im ordering some for them. (along with setting up my etsy shoppe!! :)

    I was thinking about doing something like that. I have all sorts of organic essential oils just waiting for me to use them.

    Next time you make yourself a sugar scrub you should add some lavender or rose oil...it's phenomenal!


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