life goals, take one!

  • visit the grand canyon
  • take a belly dancing class
  • learn how to play tennis
  • figure out if they offer free tennis lessons in ny :)
  • learn sign language, fluently (aka, take a class)
  • learn italian, fluently (aka, take a class)
  • take a photography class
  • develop photos in a darkroom
  • continue studying egyptology
  • continue studying american history
  • go back to counseling, at an elementary private school this time
  • see the whole world, starting with egypt <3
  • see the whole world with LML
  • get my books published
  • swim with dolphins
  • ride on a camel/donkey...maybe in santorini :)
  • start the business!
  • go on an archaeological dig
  • fly a kite again
  • start writing poetry again
ok, ok. sorry. that's part one of a very long list :) here's some weird and not so weird things I've done...

visited caverns
been all around pennsylvania...incl. independence hall, liberty bell, lancaster, amish country, poconoes

been to greece...athens, kalamata, leros, patmos, etc.

niagara falls, baby

got married to the man of my dreams, love of my life

snowmobiling, jetskiing, parasailing, bumper tube (some not shown :)  )

horseback riding, white water rafting, ski lift...

fishing, lighthouse hopping, snorkeling...

been in love


  1. Great list!!! I have a massive list too :-)
    Good luck achieving all these things quickly!

  2. My best friends and I just made a list of all the things we want to do in life... I had so much fun coming up with my list :)


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