hi :)

happy monday!

i'm so sorry i haven't been able to blog these last few days. it's been absolutely crazy here!
friday...i can't even remember. all i remember is that we've been watching the olympics, and falling asleep to them...

oh yeah! i made chicken and potatoes!
saturday, LML and I were up bright and early. We grabbed a cup of coffee, shopped, had a wonderful lunch @ Harvest Buffett...shocker...
and then ran one thousand and a half errands.

sunday...another crazy day! we were up bright and early doing the same kind of crazy thing...errands (we have maybe too much going on) shopping, lunch with our good friends (but they left their baby at home!)...and the like...

Ha! Today held in store: even MORE errands, post office runs, laundry, puppy getting groomed...he looks beautiful by the way. I will definitely post tomorrow when I am more coherent :)

what did y'all do this weekend?

love love love,


  1. I saw pictures of your puppy and adorable!!!!! :)


  2. I hope they didn't leave their baby home alone!! Ha ha.

    I had a crazy weekend with too many errands as well!

  3. :) your photos are stunning. the quality is so amazing


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