while this was going on outside:

...i hung out with this guy...

...i cleaned the house. and then...

  • made a reservation to...somewhere ;)
  • organized my jewelry into ice cube tray- fun idea!
  • made chicken and potatoes (pics tomorrow!)
  • went to Vitamin Angels and donated some money
  • uploaded all pictures (since last january, excluding guatemala) to usb drives
  • realized i had the second tomb raider movie, so i watched it.
  • wrote
  • made a list of what i need to shop for
  • chiped the icy snow off my car and pushed it into the street...
because my tenant
stole my shovel
to dig out his car
for the hour
that i was sweeping away
snow balls and blocks
into the street
so the cars can stomp on it.


oh, and realized that some people?
yeah, they're ridiculous!

but not you. you guys write and read for living. these people play games online all day.
this is why i love you guys.

have a wonderful weekend! hope you have lots of fun and stay warm and safe <3



heart to hearts...