When Bored...

refresh your life!

*this is how my counseling skills come into play*

Step 1-

make a list of how your *ideal, ultimate* life would look like.
what would you be doing? what would you do differently?
 is your present life benefitting this reality?
who would be in your life?

Step 2-

How are you going to get there? Come on, you did the hard part.
Now bust your ass and make some more lists on how to
get what you want!

Step 3-

google. be open to *new* ways to get your *new* life to happen!

Step 4-

make a daily move forward...which means...
accomplish something off of your new to do list
every day, until...

Step 5-

you have the new life you want!
enjoy it!
Warning: this will not happen overnight. make your lists look pretty!

PS- if you're going to steal my idea...
Please e-mail me. Don't be a copycat.

Say no to copycats!

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