How to...

I sometimes post recipes- yes. Not as often as I should, obviously...but I've always wanted to learn new things...

and one of the things that I've wanted to learn is..how to tie a sarong!

I have spent almost every summer in Greece, and when I was a teenager, I could never tie the damned things. I would pull and tug, but it would never happened. So, on to the steps!

1: hold the sarong so it's centered behind your back.
2: pull the right side of the fabric over your left shoulder
3: pull the left side of the fabric over your right shoulder
4: twist the two ends around each other, creating an "X" right below your neck.
5: twist the ends one more time, creating a double twist.
6: tie the ends together behind your neck.

see? hope it works for you!
(it probably won't work for me, but i hope so for you <3)


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