what is the deal?

so it is so cold today-
and i go out finally, to buy myself dinner...
because LML will be eating leftovers.

i probably look like ugly feet,
and begin to walk from the car to the store...

when i hear an engine revving up.
3 times.
about to look up and give the finger,
i look into the car...

and it is a guy older than my FATHER!!

eeweeweeweew eew eeweeweew

freaking disgusting perverts.


  1. Oh my gosh! That is so funny! Hahaa! Actually, I hate when I can feel creepy guys' eyes looking me up and down when i pass by... not to sound vain or anything, it's just the truth and i hate that when i wear heels or a skirt it's almost ineveitable! That's why i make my husband go to the grocery store with me and other places like that : ) I can look cute and not have to worry about scary old men.

    I'm Sarah by the way. I found your blog from a mutual blogger friend of ours. Super cute blog you have : )

  2. Yes it's ineveitable I'm afraid to get some sort of stare or comment. If I'm on my own I have my ear phones on so at least I can't hear any rude comments.


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