enhance your life- step 1

image from pyzam

so today...
if you can, why don't you:

  • really listen...be a true friend

  • send a care package to a new Mom

  • find a way to volunteer in your town...tomorrow

  • give your significant other a massage

  • admit when you're wrong

  • hug your children, or brother, or sister

  • recycle

  • plant a tree, or figure out one you can plant and where for when the weather gets better

  • bring a bagful of teddybears to a children's hospital

  • donate old clothing to the salvation army

  • bring your neighbor flowers from your garden

  • send a thank you note...to anyone...to show your gratitude...about anything!
do any one (or more!) of these things, and write about the experience

it can be uplifting :)

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