in the meantime..

it's snowing again
and i've had enough.
i do not want to go outside
and shovel.

i am baking oatmeal raisin cookings,
and cleaning the house. nothing eventful has been going on here.
Yesterday, my fam and me went to go see Shutter Island.
I couldn't even finish it because LML was coming home early...

and i had to prepare the tacos!
can someone tell me the ending...please?
they won't pick up the phone and tell me it!

meanwhile, that person that i've mentioned is being normal
like nothing ever happened-
leaving messages like normal
emailing me like normal

thus i feel like *i* am crazy.

my assistant called in a mental health day...
he's sleeping on my leg.

that is all for now :)
lots more v.soon! (like the snow)


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