to eat or not to eat

i wouldn't say i was overweight before i got married.
that is, i wouldn't say it then. but i was.

when i got married, for example, i had to feed this whole other person AND myself. i knew that LML came from a home where is mother made huge, delicious meals, and that i wasn't up to par because...

let's face it, i was brand new :)

but what we had been eating, and what we *were* eating when we got married was

thankfully though, people grow up.
thankfully, we always enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables...
but we ate too much meat, and not enough everything else.

i don't remember *how* our eating habits changed...
we didn't have a lot (barely any even though i was working, too)
of money when we just got married, so once it started to improve-
went to
fruit market.

i love the fruit market. when we went for the first time, we filled up the house with fresh food.
we learned how to sautee things. we ate more vegetables, and over-all clean things
to the point where people thought we were dieting to the extreme. we ate more garlic.
consumed more e.v.o.o. even drank more wine :) introduced fiber to our diets...and...

then i didn't have digestive problems anymore...
and i discovered i was lactose intolerant.

*i used to eat cheese like it was my JOB! many people would attest :)*

really, food is a beautiful thing.
i wish i could be a vegan, but when i shop...
i lose all control and don't see that one thing is made of leather...
and the other thing was tested on animals.

i don't like buying things that have been tested on animals...
so any recipes or product ideas or tips you can pass along
would be much appreciated :)

what habits have you changed in the last five years?



  1. I've stopped eating lamb in the past few years as I think sheep and lambs are so cute!

    Kate x

  2. i've gone from meal solutions that come in a box to cooking from scratch. it's healthier and when you get right down to it, not that much extra work. really. plus, the added satisfaction of having pulled together a meal from random ingredients is worth any additional time expended! :)

  3. I don't eat processed foods, dairy, gluten, or GMO's...And I avoid chains restaurants, and over eating. I have an exclusively plant based diet, but eat locally farmed, organic, humanely raised meat. Conventional fruit often tastes less genuine and eating clean just feels better. I'd choose kale over pizza anyday. For real.
    And yes, I'm a proud total food snob.

    But 5 years ago I ate everything under the sun. EEeew and soda and sugary beverages. Blechy!

    This is pretty much what my R.O.O.T.s concept is about. Revolution On Our Terms. By choosing little things here and there in our every day lives you can make big changes in the world around us. (as you can see at the bottom of my blogpage http://eatsgrass.blogspot.com/)

    <3 Glad you're on board!!

  4. ALSO: being vegan is awesome- however if your blood type or body doesn't respond well it takes a long time to recover. I am not meant to be a vegan, and my body is just now recovering from a year (two 6 month stints) of the lifestyle.


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