Ok- I'm a makeup addict

I am. The funny part is that I can't put eyeliner on- but if i COULD, I'd be a makeup artist or I'd have much brighter eyes in photos...

the makeup I purchased months ago is about to run out! Ahhhh...and though I am still sick at home, as per my wonderful LML's orders...it doesn't hurt to think about what I need to buy, right?

that's why I *need* your help. What kind of makeup works best for you- stays on, doesn't smell funny, would you run and go buy again? Everyone who knows me knows that usually all that remains of makeup that I own is a squeeze or scrap of lipgloss/stick. This usually lasts me until an emergency or I lose it (all the time, not making it up)

What I need? gloss, eyeshadow, bronzer or blush (?), moisturizer, brightener?
OOh also, hair stuff- anything for strange, curly haired folk that doesn't have too many chemicals??

I have my usual favorites in mind, but your opinions would help me out more :)

Much Love,

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  1. Kinky-curly is my favorite hair product now. It's all natural- they sell it at whole foods. I use the spray mister.

    MAC. It's just always been the good standby for perfect eye shadows. If you're feeling in a rut, I'd suggest going to the counter and having them show you a few different looks. Last time I was there I got a pretty color called
    "expensive pink"- I LOVE it. When I have money to burn (i.e. NEVER;P) I'm also a BIG fan of NARS. Really vivid color palates, and nice texture.

    I always reccomend the Burts Bees Pomnegranite lip balm, it has just enough hint of color for daytime. And I'll use a nuetral liner, then the BB lip balm and then a gloss for evenings. It's simple.

    Have fun. :)


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