Have Vs. Want

Dear BloggieFriends-

Have you ever walked around the house and realized that you WANT a lot more things than you have? Hopefully, you're human so you have :) Mine's kind of on the flip side right now, and LML and I have made it so we use practically everything in here and nothing goes to waste. I should have a working list of what I want and maybe need...but I have one off the top of my head of things I cannot have. Like:

Rugs in the bedroom
Carpeted Living Room
Mats in the kitchen
Mats in the entry way

Why. Why?

 Because my assistant will pee on all of them. This is not to mention the...

Mats that his food used to go on
His doggie beds
Clothes that we do not donate in place of doggie beds cuz he'll pee on them too.

Thankfully, my assistant has never:

Chewed a shoe
Chewed on the furniture
Jumped up on anything because he just won't. He's chicken like his mama.
Defecated on anything...except the floor.

At least, with the peeing and pooping I have no idea how to get him out of it. He's almost 5 (!) so it's too late to train him like that, right? Not like he ever adhered to training when he was 8 months old. (Any tips would be much appreciated!)

(above is Mom-in Laws Puppy going to my Puppy's sleepy spot! Hers is the one with the blue tail :)

Looking forward to your comments,

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  1. hehe, *your assistant* that is so cute!
    Sigh, since we're making a registry for our wedding, i'm trying REALLY hard not to put things on there that we "want" but do not have... it's hard. that and we have really barely any space.
    sadly i have no advice for training your "assistant" as i've never had a dog (boo), but good luck!


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