Chinese Food

I have been to quite a few places for Chinese Food. It's not an obsession of mine- but I've started to enjoy it considerably more as I've gotten older. Since I have had it in NY, Greece, Guatemala and now Montreal... I can't figure out which place I like best...but they were all amazing. I wish I could write to you about the ones in Greece- but I was much younger, don't have a name, and if I did it may be defunct. The one I've enjoyed recently was...

Le Gourmet Hot & Spicy

Holy Crap. For a small fee, you get to sit down and order whatever you want off the menus. This is what we ordered:

And the staff.was. PHENOMENAL. My friends drove them crazy and anyone else would have looked at them like they had 3 heads.

You don't want to know. If you do, let ME know and I will post about them. Yipe.

Not only did they NOT look at them like they had three heads- but they kept the sake coming and will remember them forever!

I must contact them and thank them for not throwing us out on the street!

Much Love,

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  1. Thank you for your comment! Your food posts always make me soooo hungry :)


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