2 years.

2 years ago today (give or take) I went back to work as a school counselor. I got my Masters, and eventually, after getting married no less- I got a job.

I did not know that the Principal was a whack job. I did not know that even though he harassed everyone, that no one would help those people. I did not know that guidance counselors were allowed to be terminated from their post (of course, without doing SOMETHING BAD)

Oh...haha wait...THEY AREN'T! NOT IN THE BOARD OF EDUCATION OF NEW YORK. You know, the one that Mayor Bloomberg runs knowing full well that he doesn't know what's going on behind the scenes...aside from testing and investigations.

Did anyone come in to investigate my case? Did anyone come in to investigate why the man was a loon and had countless complaints before? Did they see the office-full of teachers and students crying with me when I received my termination letter? Did they listen to the NAACP or the PTA, or the community?

Nah. Why would they? They're the trusty old BOE.

November 12th, 2008 was my case against him. It's been over a year and I don't have results to know if I can get reinstated or not.

Is this not the biggest bullshit you have ever heard?

I just wanted to throw it out their into blogland that ones first career might come full equipped with a rambling nut job who wants to bring people down.

Though I thank the nutjob for the life I have today. Joke's on him. Sucker.

But the Board of Ed can bite the big one!


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