2010 is already hectic. I am so happy. However, I am not happy I will be missing key-events this month, as LML and I have RSVP'd to others. Our to do list is out the door and rolls on over into March (solidly), and then again from June until July (solidly) and the rest of the year has our plans up in the air...so far.

We have waited patiently, LML and I, for what's ahead. And for now, that's all I will say.

So, since 2010 is already here (yay!) here is my new schedule...please let me know (aside from my frequent rantings and venting) if there is anything I should change or include.

Monday: Weekend Menu Day
...this you know almost too well :)...
Tuesday: Ticker Tape Tuesday
...my mind is a ticker tape, and this is where I lay it out...
Wednesday: Organization Frenzy Wednesdays
...every week, I will be organizing something. It'll get tedious and crazy. Be warned....

Friday: Fashion Forward Friday
...the yay's, no's and haha's of things I have seen...
Saturday: I remember when Saturdays
...I've been wanting to do posts like this for a while, so for lack of a better name...

Also, please note that this will be in addition to my other posts. I have a lot to talk about, and I was easy on you in 2009 :) In 2010, I plan on taking the world by storm...but you have it easy. Why? Because unlike LML, you can click that little X at the top left of the screen to shut me up :)

Any ideas for particular rantings?!


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